1. Q: How can I gain admission into the PG School Programme ?
Ans: Respond carefully to the advertisement (in some Nigeria dailies and on the Internet) – usually forms are on sale from February each year.

 2. Q:What are the basic entry requirements?
  1. 5 credits at O/L including English Language (for all and Mathematics for Sciences and Science related courses.
  2. (b)Minimum of Second Class Lower for all academic Masters programmes.
  3. For professional Masters and Postgraduate Diploma other academic qualifications may be considered e.g. 3rd class or HND.
  4. For higher degrees – CGPA of 4.0 for direct Ph.D.
    Admission for LASU Masters graduates.  MPhil/Ph.D admission will be offered to non-LASU Graduates inrespective of the CGPA.  However, no one with less than 3.0 may be considered for MPhil/Ph.D.
3. Q:What is the duration of each programme? Ans: This varies from course to course and degree level to degree level e.g:
                                 Academic Masters          -     2 semesters
                                 MPhil                                 -     4 semesters
                                 Ph.D                                   -     6 semesters
                                 PGD                                    -     2 semesters
                                 MBA                                  -     3 semesters
       Part-Time Programmes take double the time for each of the programmes listed above.

4. Q:  How many supervisors may supervise my project/dissertation orthesis?
Ans:   Masters or and PG Diploma – one MPhil/Ph.D – at least one  (Main) and or a co-supervisor.

5.  Q:  Where is the Postgraduate School?
Ans:    It is located in the Main Campus of the University at Ojo, on Badagry Expressway Lagos.

6.  Q:   Where will I receive my lectures or do my laboratory work?
Ans:   In the Department in which your discipline is resident (and other departments your supervisor may recommend).

7. Q:  How do I register for my programme
Ans:   You can register  (a) On-line or (b) in person in the PG School and
           your Department.

8. Q:   What colour should my final report have?
Ans:    Black – the lettering will be in gold on the spine and front cover.

9.  Q:   How many pages should the report be
Ans:     The number should be reasonable.  It should contain only relevant

10. Q:   Can I do my programme from home and on-line
Ans:     Not yet.  You have to attend lectures up to 70% before you quality to write examination

11. Q:   Can I defer my admission?
Ans.     Yes – but you must have registered and paid the school 
        fees, otherwise the admission lapses.

12. Q:   When is Postgraduate School form available for sale?
Ans.     usually late February.

13. Q:   What is the line of Communication for a Postgraduate
              Student for any request?
Ans.     Through the HOD, to Dean of Faculty and to Dean, Postgraduate School (and if need be, Vice-Chancellor)

14. Q:   Can credit units earned on course work during a Master’s degree be credited towards a PhD degree?
Ans.      Yes, if they are related or relevant.

15. Q:  What is the minimum number of units for each course?
Ans.     3 - Some courses attract more units e.g. ‘projects’

16. Q:  What is the grading system for each course examined.
Ans.     Marks                          Letter Grade                       Grade Points
          1.    70 and above %                 A                                    5.0
          2.    60 – 69                                 B                                     4.0
          3.    50 – 59                                 C                                     3.0
          4.    45 – 49                                 D                                     2.0
          5.    40 – 44                                 E                                      1.0
          6.    Below 40                             F                                      0.0

17. Q:   What is the numbering system for course levels?
Ans.     (i)     700 – 799     - Postgraduate Diploma
             (ii)    800 – 899     - Masters (Acad & Professional)
             (iii)   900 – 999     - MPhil/PhD

18. Q:  What is the classification of result at the Masters (Academic) Level?
Ans.      Below 3.00                 = Masters -Terminal
              3.00 to 3.49                 = MPhil -Terminal
              3.50 to 3.99                 = Proceed to MPhil/PhD
              4.0 and above            = Proceed to PhD directly


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